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Nature-Inspired Fluids and Interfaces


Fall 2020
ME 3414: Fluid Dynamics 
(M 8-8:50am, TR, 12:30-1:45pm)

Description: Comprehensive first course in fluid dynamics. Fluid properties. Hydrostatics. Mass, momentum,and energy conservation in control volumes. Elementary dynamics and Bernoulli's equation.Dimensional analysis and similitude. Laminar and turbulent flows. Introduction to Euler's and Navier-Stokes equations. Pipe flows. External flows and boundary layers. Introduction to compressible flows. 


Summer Camps:
Our research group runs summer camp modules in conjunction with the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED).  From 2016-20, we have held 17 total camps with themes of “Jumping Drops and Ice Bridges!” and "Tree-Inspired Water and Energy Harvesting" for groups of high-school female students (C-Tech2 Camp) and middle school students (Imagination Camp)   These camps showcased visually exciting and hands-on examples of phase-change phenomena such as jumping-droplet condensation, inter-droplet ice bridging, and transpiration in synthetic trees.  

A game to demonstrate frost growth
Playing a game outside to demonstrate how frost growth works.
Inter-droplet frost growth demonstration
Students snapped a mini-microscope onto their smart phones to observe inter-droplet frost growth.

Bio-Inspired Science & Technology (BIST)

Prof. Boreyko is a founding member of the Bio-Inspired Science & Technology (BIST) Center, which provides a collaborative platform for interdisciplinary research between engineering and the life sciences.  


Art & Science Integration

Prof. Boreyko believes that art is a powerful way to communicate scientific concepts, both to technical and general audiences.  Sallie Wolf, an artist based in Chicago, provided a watercolor illustration to complement the journal article ‘Dynamic morphologies of microscale droplet interface bilayers’, which was featured on the back cover of Soft Matter.  He has also collaborated with Mary Katherine Chin, an art teacher at Woodland Elementary School in Oak Ridge, TN, to create the artwork and logo for his Nature-Inspired Fluids & Interfaces Lab.  If you are an artist or photographer interested in collaborating with Prof. Boreyko, please contact him at

Sallie Wolf watercolor
Dynamic morphologies of microscale droplet interface bilayers, watercolor by Sallie Wolf
Lake painting
This artwork by Mary Katherine Chin represents our desire to draw inspiration from nature to develop novel technologies and systems.
NIFI student Farzad Ahmadi studied photography to capture this beautiful image sequence of a freezing bubble.
We worked with photographer John Lloyd to capture these images of a bubble freezing outside during wintertime in Ann Arbor, Michigan.